In conjunction with our 10th Anniversary celebration, we are looking for talented young artists to create and design a fresh new look for Variasi Performing Arts, by which we mean, a new logo to represent our 10th years of establishment in the Arts industry. With a new organization’s mission and objectives in mind, WOW! Arts Logo Competition aims to create a platform to inspire youths to express and showcase their talents in Visual Arts whilst promoting active participation in the local arts scene.

If you’re a youth aged between 18 to 25, awaiting to let your talents known, we welcome you to participate in our WOW! Arts Logo Design competition. Cash prize of $200 and vouchers to be won. Only one winner will be selected. Who might know that you would be that one lucky winner. All entries are to be submitted and reach us by the 17th of March 2011.

For Terms & Conditions and downloading of Registration Form ,

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Variasi next Theater Production, NAOMI.

You have those talents but no opportunity to shine out? You've got no experience but willingly and keen to learn? Here's a stage platform for everyone to showcase all your hidden talents through Theater,Dance & Music.

Benefits? You gained experience & knowledge through all the workshops and trainings given. You will be given the opportunity to act & shine out at a large group of audience.

Register yourself to Niezam (93380459) or Azfar (92708014)


15 Variasianz & 2 Patronz participated in our most exciting Cultural Retreat to Kuantan, Pahang on 5-7 November 2010

SEMARAK MUARA 22-31 Oct 2010, Fri-Sun
22 Oct, FriOpening,

Danau BeralunDanau Beralun literally means celebrations at the river mouth. It represents the colourful activities that we programme throughout our Pesta Raya, aptly, at our Outdoor Theatre by the bay.

22-24 Oct,

Fri-SunDanau Beralunby Teater Tari Era, NUS Ilsa Tari & Padang Panjang Dancers from IndonesiaIndonesia & Singapore. From lakes (danau) to the river of life, beautiful melodies and the sounds of nature flow freely, transcending barriers. Enjoy energetic, vibrant claps and stomps of the randai art form, together with improvised tunes of traditional songs highlighting Malay customs by singers Aqmal N and Asnida Daud.
Originating from Minangkabau, Indonesia, randai gives a rhythmic take to songs fused together with sounds made by varying parts of the human body as well as the signature galembong pants. Using traditional instruments to mimic nature sounds; soak in the atmosphere of earth’s rustic landscape in Danau Beralun.

Time, 22 Oct

7.15pm - Opening7.30pm - 8.15pm - Set 19.15pm - 10.00pm - Set 2
Time, 23 Oct:

7.30pm - 8.15pm - Set 19.15pm - 10.00pm - Set 2
Time, 24 Oct:

6.00pm - 6.45pm - Set 17.30pm - 8.15pm - Set 29.15pm - 10.00pm - Set 3
Performed by:Era Dance TheatreIlsa TariAqmal N and Asnida DaudMusic Direction by Dzul Rabull JalilArtistic Direction by Osman Abdul HamidGuided by Piter and Syarial
Time, 23 & 30 Oct 2010 Sat:10.30pmMovie Screenings

Over two Saturdays, we will be screening two box office hits by movie director Ahmad Idham. Bring your families and friends and experience an unforgettable night by our waterfront with the hugely popular Malay horror flicks the Curse of Nyiang Rapik and Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don’t Look Back)(Surtitles in English)
Shorts films will be shown prior to movie screening.Curated by: The Singapore Malay Film Society. About Singapore Malay Film Society (SMFS)The Singapore Malay Film Society, (SMFS) is a newly minted not-for-profit group which started out as a Facebook group formed in May 2008. The group is made up of volunteers ranging from professionals to hobbyists - not restricting to any race or culture - to support and develop the rapidly growing film industry in Singapore.

29 Oct 2010,

FriRentak Rentak by Yayasan Warisan Johor (Johor Heritage Foundation),Malaysia
A synergy of creative, contemporary dances from Malaysia that remains rooted to heritage and tradition.

This high-spirited blend by Yayasan Warisan Johor features a range of traditional dances to contemporary forms. Tumbles, twirls and flips; be enthralled by the charms and strength of dancers who stays true to their heritage. With culture and tradition as their pillar, watch how they seamlessly infuse contemporary elements to produce a highly-captivating performance.

Time, 29 Oct:7.30-8.15pm9.15-10.00pm
30 & 31 Oct 2010, Sat & SunSaratuspersenIndonesia

A multi-ethnic collaboration of musicians from Bandung, Indonesia, Saratuspersen will bring together percussive sounds from Indonesia the rest of the world in an engaging performance that will keep you on your feet.
Time, 30 & 31 Oct:6.00-6.45pm7.30-8.15pm9.15-10.00pm

Promosi Bintang Bintang Berlebaran Gabungan Pernari Penari Singapura

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Variasi Artistes celeberated NDP 2010!

Variasi Performing Arts, Teater Tari ERA, PA Talents and DK WD combined together to celebrate NDP 2010 @ Padang on 9 August 2010. Congrats!

Thank you to Abang Osman Hamid, Arif, Zairin, Anuar and all ERA's peeps for the combine together with other groups in NDP 2010. It was a great moment and experienced working together with everyone. Not to forget 'Lentera Tari and Variasi Peeps!